Mystery Builds About The Woman Who Will Be Thor


Marvel Comics is taking some risks with some of their mainstay titles with such as a new Captain America who happens to be African American. Even more risky than that though might be the paradigm shift for Thor who will become a woman starting with Thor #1 due to hit stands in October. Very little is known at this point as to who will pick up the mighty hammer and become Goddess of Thunder but the crew over at were able to get a small preview of the upcoming Thor: God of Thunder #25 that features a few fresh images of the new Goddess of Thunder. Thanks go to for the images.




Doesn’t look we’ll get to know much more about this new Thor outside of the fact that Odin apparently knows about her and doesn’t want others to know about her. It would appear that this new Thor’s adventures are subject of some kind of book though which implies that maybe this Thor comes from a distant past prior to Thor Odinson who is now “Unworthy Thor”.  Odinson will still be featured in the comic which adds to the mystery of just who this woman is and what Thor has done to become unworthy of Mjolnir.

Marvel quickly ruled out that she was not Angela, who over the summer was revealed as Odin’s lost daughter and sister to Thor and Loki. Angela is becoming a rising solo star who is seeing some work with current Marvel darlings the Guardians of the Galaxy and looks to feature in the new arrangement of Avengers coming up.

Are you excited about this new take on the God of Thunder? Who do you think this mystery woman is and what relationship does she have to Odin and his sons and daughter? What do you think Thor has done to become unworthy and can a redemption return him to his status as Thor? Leave a comment below with what you think is up or hit me up on Google Plus.

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Last Updated on November 28, 2018.


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