Netflix Charity Work Begins With First Of Four Adam Sandler Films


Though he’s on what can only be described as the polar opposite of a Hollywood hot streak, Adam Sandler returns in the trailer for his upcoming western comedy The Ridiculous Six coming exclusively to Netflix. Sandler continues the recent trend of gathering a group of otherwise talented actors and comedians to produce what will more than likely end up on the shortlist for Golden Raspberry season.

The trailer shows a collection of wacky hijinks that typically follow the Happy Madison Productions title card to setting a scene similar classic western, more specifically the 1960 classic The Magnificent Seven. The trailer also boasts the impressive cast, which includes Sandler, Terry Crews, Danny Trejo, Steve Buscemi and the obligatory appearance of Rob Schneider.

The film was surrounded controversy almost before it really began, as multiple people on the cast and crew of Native American descent walked off of the set in protest of the film’s portrayal of Apache culture, which was deemed offensive by some. Though some say that the issue was minor in the broad scope of things, it did lead Netflix to release a statement defending the film as satire, saying that, “the movie has ridiculous in the title for a reason.”

Though the thought of a new Adam Sandler movie isn’t as sexy as it was 10 years ago, the box office numbers still prove that there is some demand to justify the supply. Despite mixed to downright terrible critical reviews, films from his Happy Madison Production company grossed over $500 million in 2014.

The Ridiculous Six is the first film of a four-picture deal between Sandler and Netflix. Neither party is slowing down with releasing more original content, despite what others say.

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Last Updated on November 27, 2018.


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